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Inside the Beltway

Associate Professor of Political Science Russell Crandall spent two years in the Pentagon and the White House, working first for the Department of Defense and then as President Barack Obama’s national security aide for the Andes. Now he’s back in the classroom at Davidson, armed with new insights about political science on the front lines. Here, excerpts from a journal he kept inside—and outside—the Beltway.


Main Courses

Food has always been a big deal for college students. But today, it’s not just about sustenance—it’s becoming a main course in classes, politics, and plans for the future. Today’s student foodies follow an increasing number of alumni who are making food their business.

Summer 2011

Introducing: Brenton Goodman ’12

Varsity punter Brenton Goodman missed spring practice this year for a semester abroad in Tel Aviv. “As a Jewish American,” he writes, “I decided to study here to learn about the faith that shaped many of my beliefs.

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