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Lefty’s Legacy

Before there was Bob McKillop, there was Charles “Lefty” Driesell, and before there were Williams, Johnson, Winters, and Curry, there were Lefty’s men: Holland, Hetzel, Snyder, Maloy, Cook, and Kroll.


A Family Affair

Kapoor arrived by bus from New York in autumn 1960, his belongings packed into one suitcase, his parents’ parting words of advice ringing in his ears: “Go. Study hard. Learn. Be a good person.”


John Spratt: A Renaissance Statesman

Over 28 years in Congress, John Spratt ’64 became an unrivaled authority on defense and budget matters. His career ended in November, a day after his 68th birthday, when the Republican tide swept the GOP to power in the House and washed away many of its few remaining Southern Democrats.

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