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Is This the Face of Davidson?

Yes and no. The face of this college has been changing for decades, sparking a conversation about traditions, values, and identity that is challenging—but rewarding.


The Evolution of Enlightenment

As communication watersheds go, the emergence of technology is right up there with the written word and the printing press. But has the way we learn really changed?


Talk About It

Issues of free speech and community tolerance arose during the fall semester when The Davidsonian printed a pair of op-ed pieces examining the college’s stance on homosexuality.


Faculty Notes: Spring 2010

Three Davidson faculty members presented talks as part of an 11-part lecture series on “Divining America: Religion in American History” presented by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library and the Levine Museum of the New South. Speakers explored major religious movements and watershed events throughout American history to examine how they shaped American culture, politics, and personal relationships.

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