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The First Degree

What does it mean to be the first in your family to pursue a college degree? First-generation students share a basic unfamiliarity with college culture; their parents haven’t been able to tell them what it means to be a college student. They may also have troubles with academic preparation, study skills, and confidence.


Davidson & Goliath

They spent the night before the game in the infirmary, and the snipes around town were that probably they’d have to stay there the night after the game, too.

Fall 2010

A Change of Seasons

The news broke in late August: a son of Davidson had been elected president of the oldest state university system in America, and Davidson would be saying farewell to its 17th president, Tom Ross. Tom Ross famously kept track of the number of days he had served as Davidson’s president.

Fall 2010

Carlos Alvarez

Carlos and Mal ú Alvarez discovered Davidson in 1997 during their daughter’s college search—the younger Malú chose to join the Class of 2002.

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