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Citizens of the World

Originally built to serve as a general store in 1848, the Carolina Inn embraced a new mission when Hanson Pinkney Helper purchased and converted the building into a small hotel in 1855. Today, the Inn greets travelers of a different sort. Davidsonians who wish to journey abroad via a Fulbright Scholarship pass through its doors and into the airy, bookshelf-lined offi ce of Scott Denham, Dana Professor of German Studies, director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, and Davidson’s Fulbright
Program Adviser.


A Downey Daily Double

As a boy in Franklin, Ky., Dick Downey ’73 knew more about horse racing than about Davidson. Then a cousin’s acceptance piqued his interest. Soon he arrived sight unseen for freshman year. He loved it.

Fall 2012

Looking It Up

Ruminations on the etymologies of words, balance, and creative time for pondering. My French Dictionaries…

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