Author Bill Giduz '74

Bill Giduz’s association with Davidson began in 1970 when he enrolled as a freshman. Nine years later he attended his fifth reunion, learned of an opening in the communications department, and has now worked gratefully in that office for 34 years. He commutes on two wheels, juggles on Sunday afternoons and regularly plays basketball with much quicker young men.

Snap Sarah McDonald '17 at Spring Frolics


Sarah McDonald ’17 escapes a man-made weather event at Spring Frolics, the annual bonanza held…

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Holi Smokes

Students gather to celebrate Holi festival, also known as the festival of colors or the…

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SNAP! Broad Strokes

Syrian artist Etab Hreib led students, including Nancy Pruett ’18, in painting 10 panels for…

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Davidson biology students, including Emma Johnson ’17, relocated a population of local pond turtles to…

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