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Books by L. Britt Snider ’66 (all independently published): Senate Confirmation: A Novel (2014), a long-forgotten act takes on monumental significance in an engaging portrayal of the U.S. Senate confirmation process; Skunk at the Picnic (2013), the entangled personal and professional lives of a CIA analyst are the foundation for a story of illicit romance and political intrigue; The Agency and the Hill: CIA’s Relationship with Congress, 1946–2004 (2004), a study of this relationship from the CIA’s inception to the creation of the director of national intelligence position in 2004; The Late Senator Devereaux: A Novel (2012), responsible for completing her late husband’s term, Elinor Devereaux begins to suspect that she may not have fully understood the depths of his relationship with a foreign government.

Exploring Your Unplanned Pregnancy: Single Motherhood, Adoption and Abortion Questions and Resources by Jeff Duffey, MD ’69 (2016, Cairde, Karuna and Hedd Publishing, LLC). This 2016 IndieReader Discovery Award winner in the Women’s Issues category is a resource to women who seek to consider their assumptions and explore all possible choices and perspectives when dealing with an unplanned pregnancy.

Bringing Forth Jesus, the Christ: The Beginning and End of Birth Pains by John A. Porter ’72 (2019, Xulon Press). In his study of the biblical perspective on suffering, Porter posits that we should come to understand the pain in our lives and all around us as necessary in God’s redemptive plan for humanity.

First Responder: The Rescue Squad by Lock Boyce ’73 (2019, iUniverse). Humor and tragedy collide when, on top of their already stressful work duties, a volunteer rescue squad discovers corruption in their county’s leadership.

Alphabone Orchestra: A magically musical journey through the alphabet, written and illustrated by John R. Gerdy ’79 (2019, Gerdsong Productions, LLC). Famed musicologist Dr. Dude B. Fonky uses clever alliteration to lead children through a rhythmic ride of the alphabet and introduce them to music education.

Tidal Flats by Cynthia Newberry Martin ’79 (2019, Bonhomie Press). In this debut novel, a young couple must navigate the fine line between the things they want for themselves and the life they want together, and it appears that each will have to make a choice. Winner First Place 2020 IPPY Award for Literary Fiction.

Freshmints: Briggeman College: Year One by Sharon S. Shepard ’88 (2018, Vista Pastori Press). Follow unprepared, small-town girl Libby Ross and her more worldly roommate, Rebecca, as they navigate both the lighthearted and intense experiences of college life and friendship. 

Women Rise Up: Sacred Stories of Resilience for Today’s Revolution by Katey Zeh ’05 (2019, The FAR Press). A timely take on the stories of biblical women that connects them to the relevant, contemporary global gender issues that women encounter today. 

Palate by Liz Pfister ’09 (2019, independently published). A book of recipes and stories to help apprehensive new cooks overcome self-doubt and the fear of making mistakes, and to develop an honest palate for the dishes they prepare.

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