Bookshelf: Fall/Winter 2019



Books by William T. Iverson ’49: Memoirs of a Guilty Bystander: The Story of Pastor, Evangelist, and Church Pioneer William T. Iverson (2019, independently published)and Jesus and the Ways of Socrates: Human-Shaped Education for the Twenty-First Century (2012, CrossBooks). The former is a reflection by a teacher and servant of God who has touched many lives; the latter, an argument for the Socratic method and the importance of education to Christian ministry.

Topknot Analysis by Loren Stell ’59 (2018, Collaborative Options). Poems about our labyrinthine world by a traveler and observer who has lived as a journalist, filmmaker and psychoanalyst.

Books by James Black ’60: What I Wish I Had Learned in Seminary (2018, Page Publishing). A must-read for pre-ministerial students to avoid rusting and burning out in the parish and dealing with lay persons Monday-Saturdays. Sermon ideas, humor, wisdom. Weddings and Funerals: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (2019, Page Publishing). Fifty-three years of ministry memoirs, plus a formula for a satisfying marriage for a lifetime. 

A Man You Could Call a Man by David G. Russell ’72(2019, The Chapel Hill Press). A work of Southern literary fiction that tells the story of how a rule-following businessman transforms after his son is kidnapped.

Books by Logan C. Jones ’76: The Care of Souls, Reflections on the Art of Pastoral Supervision (2019, Wipf and Stock Publishers); Last Call poems (2016, Resource Publications); and No Man’s Land poems (2014, Resource Publications). 

Quantum: A Captain Chase Novel by Patricia Cornwell ’79 (2019, Thomas & Mercer). The first installment in a new thriller series featuring heroine Captain Calli Chase, a NASA test pilot, quantum physicist and cybercrime investigator.

The Substitution Order by Martin Clark ’81 (2019, Alfred A. Knopf). A hard-luck lawyer refuses to concede defeat, even as fate, the court system and a gang of untouchable con artists conspire against him.

The League of Wives: The Untold Story of the Women Who Took on the U.S. Government to Bring Their Husbands Home by Heath Hardage Lee ’92 (2019, Macmillan). The true story of the fierce band of women who battled Washington and Hanoi to bring their husbands home from the jungles of Vietnam.

How to Write and Get Published: A Practical Guide for Librarians byTammy Ivins ’07 and Anne Pemberton (2019, Rowman
& Littlefield). One of an informative series written for librarians
by librarians to provide practical, innovative guidance in specific subject areas.


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