Dog Day Afternoon


Recognize this professor and his dog? We’ll give you some hints: a sophist he was not, a college president he was. Rosie, his cross-eyed canine companion, was a “reject” for law enforcement duty. From our pictured professor: “I never figured out why that was a problem for a scent dog, but it certainly made her more lovable. She never looked at you straight on, but always had to tilt her head left or right.”

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Reader Response:
I was thrilled to see my New Testament professor on the inside back cover of the Davidson Journal. It took me a few minutes to retrieve my yearbook to look up his name but the memories came rushing back. I took Dr. Michalson’s class as an incoming freshman and I think one of only two women in the class. I was both nervous and a little full of myself since I had attended Sunday school classes growing up. While Dr. Michalson’s warmth and dry wit put me at ease I quickly realized I didn’t know as much about the New Testament as I thought I did. And after a very disappointing grade on the first exam, Dr. Michalson patiently tutored me so that I finished the course with a respectable B. More important than the grade was the knowledge I gained and the confidence to succeed academically at Davidson.
-Linda Talbott Barnes, Class of 1979

That’s Gordon (Mike) Michalson Jr.! He was my advisor and taught a transformative course entitled “Religious Responses to History.”
-Roy Hutchinson, Class of 1978

The mystery professor on the back inside cover of the fall issue is Mike (Gordon E.) Michalson.
-Ray English, Class of 1969

Photo is of Gordon “Mike” Michalson Jr., who taught several years in the Religion Department before heading to Oberlin. Eventually became president of New College in Florida.
-Don Richter, Class of 1978
(Religion major, though didn’t have course with Dr. Michalson)


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