Letter to the Editor: Russia’s Past & Present on the Centennial of the Russian Revolution


I do not see a “Letter to the Editor” section in the Fall 2017 Davidson Journal issue, which I think is regrettable, as it is good for the College to have a channel for feedback from alums and parents, particularly at a time when so much change is occurring on the campus. The changes show up prominently in the latest issue of the Journal, where there is a pronounced leftist tilt to some of the academic content.

 Many of the assertions, for example, in Professor Roman Utkin’s interview “World Order: Russia’s Past and Present on the Centennial of the Russian Revolution” should not go unchallenged. I address three of the most problematic assertions in the attached Letter to the Editor.

 Davidson’s motto at its founding, “Let learning be cherished where liberty has arisen,” was appropriate for its time. In the 21st century, a motto needed on many U. S. campuses is “Let liberty be cherished, that learning may flourish.” May Davidson maintain its tradition of learning based on facts and open and protected dialogue where all sides of an argument have a hearing. In that spirit, I hope that this piece can be published in the Davidson Journal.

 It would be good to have someone like retired Professor Ralph Levering review the piece first. Professor Utkin’s interview should have been reviewed by an academic peer prior to publication, and I recommend that peer review become the policy for all academic articles or interviews in the Journal–with care being taken that the review is done by a peer whose ideological biases are not pronounced or balance those of the author being reviewed.


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