Class of 2016 Notes

Notes for the Class of 2016 were submitted by Savannah Haeger, Jackie Shiu & Matthew Schlerf, Class Secretaries.
To begin, the Class of 2016 offers its deepest condolences to Jackson Mauzé on the passing of his grandfather, Jackson Hall, December 23.

Next, the secretaries commend those who have spoken and marched for their civil rights and for the rights of their classmates and neighbors. We believe in an America that reflects our Davidson values of accessibility, service and excellent leadership.

In response to Donald Trump’s executive order in January, Jasper Vaughn wrote in Sojourner Magazine about his experience working with refugees, and Elizabeth Welliver wrote on the lessons Islam may teach America.

Our studio art majors are doing well in the world: Sarah Elizabeth Cornejo is building sets on a film in the Caribbean, and Cyrus Ferguson appeared on his first talk show for Ellen Decor on Facebook Live covering how to pick the right gifts for that someone special in your life.

Missing music from Physical Plant? Zach Blount, Robby Kuster, Riley Mangan, Grace Seekins, Wilson Waddill and Ethan Whitener released their new album Loonjray on SoundCloud. Just in time to help cope with Spring Frolics blues.

Congratulations to Matt Brantley for his acceptance in the Nicholas School of Environment at Duke University. Not far away, classmate Hailey Cleek is enjoying constitutional law at Wake Forest Law School while playing with her foster dogs.

Additionally, shout out to Alex Mathews, who has started a new job as a digital communications assistant at an international law firm in NYC.

Now, some alternative facts on the carnage of post-grad life:

Emily Rapport (@rapportworld) may need rescue as she is “caught in a web of lies #TheBachelor.”

Victoria Criscione (@VeronicasSass) “left me feelings in New Jersey [sic]” and believes “The Patriots are like the mafia.”

Shuyu Cao (@ShuyuCao)’s “cats are tryna to drink my wine [sic]#likemomlikecat.”

Melpi Kasapi (@melkasapi) has seen “V for Vendetta for the 100th time” and believes “Evolution kai dn eimai kala [sic].”

Layne Doctson (@layneyD28) believes “your life is lacking” if you don’t watch @BringItLifetime, though she wishes “we could hear the actual music.”

Nathaniel Walcott (@natewalcott) had “fruit and vegetables for breakfast. Sweet potatoes (pie) and peaches (cobbler) #ilovechristmas.”

Gabriella Garrard (@ellegarrard) was “casually crying” the day after she “sneezed approximately 20 times.”

Caylyn Harvey (@c_harvs11) never grasps “the meaning of inertia more than when I’m already in bed but have to get up to brush my teeth before I can go to sleep.”

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