What’s in a Name?


A student signs the Davidson College Honor CodeSome semblance of the modern Honor Code at Davidson took shape before the Civil War. During this time, all new students signed a pledge to follow the college rules, most of which regarded social activity.

Which “advocate for democracy and world peace,” whose signature is listed here among the signatures of the Class of ’73 (1873, that is), learned to read when he was 10? Hint: He was also the last American president to travel to his inauguration in a horse-drawn carriage.

Has the Honor Code made a difference in your life? Share your stories and reminiscences with John Syme, senior writer, at 704-894-2523 or josyme@davidson.edu.


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Senior Writer John Syme graduated from Davidson with a French degree in 1985. After gigs in newspaper, advertising, translation in France and cross-country travel writing in the United States, he returned to alma mater in 2001. He has no immediate plans to graduate again.

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