Notes From the Fourth Estate


News Reporting Is About Answering a Few Simple Questions

Who, what, when, where, why and how, what was once simple has become complicated by the burgeoning forms of news delivery—not just press, radio and films, but now Buzzfeed, Twitter and some other platform doubtless invented while this sentence was being written. Where we’ll get our news tomorrow and how journalism will fare as the media environment shifts is anybody’s guess.

In the hope that the who might illuminate the what, we asked a few of Davidson’s alumni in the field to shed some light on the state of the Fourth Estate. Click on an illustration above to read the related story.

– Illustrations by Julian Sancton


About Author

Senior Writer John Syme graduated from Davidson with a French degree in 1985. After gigs in newspaper, advertising, translation in France and cross-country travel writing in the United States, he returned to alma mater in 2001. He has no immediate plans to graduate again.

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