Introducing: Marilu Bosoms ’15


Marilu Bosoms ’15 wanders through an outdoor market on a typical Saturday in Jaipur, India.

“There’s lots of fresh, tropical fruit here,” she says, picking pomegranates from a fruit stand. “They are similar to the local fruits from home.”

Bosoms is an international student from Mexico City. She’s in Jaipur to experience life in another part of the world and to inform her major: sustainable development—a major she created through the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies.

“One question I want to help tackle is one of the biggest paradoxes in sustainable development,” she explains. “As countries develop and people are raised out of poverty they require more resources. Yet the world cannot sustain any more people at a First World living standard. How do you reconcile that? Who will need to compromise and when and how should those compromises be made?”

Bosoms is one of 18 Davidson students studying in India fall semester.


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