Letters to the Editor – Spring 2013


Dear friends at Davidson,

The latest issue of the Davidson Journal carried some interesting articles. Please allow me a few
comments on those that caught my attention most piercingly.

1) Angela Davis as an honored speaker at Davidson College was a jolt for me and, I suppose, many
others of my generation. Those of us who remember the tortured decade of the sixties in
America remember her very well for being a Communist Party activist and propagandist spouting
the Party line against the United States, and for her participation in the criminal activities of the
Black Panthers, which included murder, bank robbery, arson, and sedition. No crime was too
heinous for them. Did Angela’s “autobiographical review” in her activities at the college mention
any of those activities?

2) The announcement of appointment of a “director of sustainability” left me scratching my head,
even after I had read the article and the director’s efforts to explain it. He said “it’s about social
equity, environmental integrity, and economic prosperity.” Now, economic prosperity I
understand. It’s what I worked for for forty or fifty years. But the rest of that statement is just
gobbledegook to me. I wonder how many others were equally puzzled. Please elucidate in your
next issue.

3) Kudos to Assistant Professor Suresh for the informal Econversations that he sponsors in small
groups for students. I would bet that more solid comprehension is soaked up by those students
in those sessions than in formal classroom sessions.

Thanks for an informative issue. Keep it up.

Gabriel Lowe
Class of 1950


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