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Davidson presents musical Guys and Dolls

Professor of Theatre Joe Gardner and Milner Professor of Music Bill Lawing again joined forces on a project that brought them together as collaborators for the first time 34 years ago—the romantic musical comedy Guys and Dolls.

In 2013, the professors dusted off the script and score of the Frank Loesser play, a fast-paced, madcap adventure featuring gangsters, gamblers, outrageous bets, love, showgirls, cops and missionaries bent on saving their souls.

“We returned to this project with the wonderful benefit of many additional experiences to reshape our thoughts,” said Lawing.

Gardner noted Guys and Dolls still appeals to audiences today because of its outstanding score and universal theme. “The play confirms the idea that people are essentially good, regardless of station or status. The characters—good and bad—find common ground in their humanity. Guys and Dolls is a classic, one of America’s best musicals ever.”

Pictured are cast members Allen Rigby ’14, Zach Warner Blount ’16, Connor Hubbard ’13, Tommy Bell ’13, Nick Upright ’14, Ian Thomson ’15, Megan Pratt ’13, Nate Dick ’14, Derek Peligro Marsh ’14 and Gordon L. Cobb ’15.

—Bill Giduz


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