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DFPH floor

The Duke Family Performance Hall (DFPH) got a “floor lift” over winter break that puts a gleam back in its style. The hall’s 6,000-square-foot fir stage endured a dozen years of stout service, but the wear and tear took a toll. “It looked like someone blasted it with a shotgun,” said DFPH Technical Director Jim Nash.

So the college replaced the floor during winter break with a more durable surface of white oak.
“The DFPH is a crucially important space,” Nash said. “This is where the community gathers for all our important events. The state of the floor really reflects the state of the college.”

It’s an especially important resource for student dancers, actors, and musicians. “For a lot of them, this is the finest stage on which they’ll ever perform,” Nash said. “We want it to be perfect for them.”

Davidsonians from throughout cyberspace kept up with the construction via the DFPH Facebook page, and dozens of people scavenged pieces of the old floor to repurpose for writing pens, a coffee table, and simple souvenir blocks.
Looking out over the new floor from stage left, Nash said he was completely satisfied with the results. “It rises to the quality of the room now,” he said. “We’re ready to go!”

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Visit the DFPH Facebook page.

—Bill Giduz


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