Family Album: Reel Deal: Carrels of Babble



The spring 2013 issue’s “Carrels of Babel” photo gave rise to possible identifications ranging from 1957 to 1967. Three guessed that the young man in the striped shirt was Alec Gould ’61, while Earl Robinson ’71 thought the checked shirt might have been himself. Jack Brinckerhoff ’67 thought that might be he. Or is it Brenno Straumann, Richardson Scholar from 1963-64, the same wondered from Switzerland? Bob Sparks ’63 thinks it’s himself. Multiple guesses came in for Sid Sowers ’61.

Paul Reichardt ’65 said he might be the middle guy in white on the left, but Frank Embry ’67 said his wife thinks it is he, Frank Goldsmith ’67 posits the possibility of himself in that seat, and Jim May ’67 wondered if the one in back of him was himself. In any case, William Martin ’61 called from Texas to peg both these white-shirted crewcuts as SAEs, for sure. Ed Kizer ’61 and Robert Moore ’61 supplied two of the votes for Gould in stripes, which fits chronologically with the multiple votes for Sowers in the checks. So survey says: late 50s, probably a German class.

On the other hand, fashion is relative. Can anybody peg some of the pre-groovy studious students studying here via modern mid-century electromagnetic audio technology? Extra points if you can match a language to the pupil. Contact John Syme at
or 704-894-2523.

Most readers placed last issue’s feature photo of the Wildcat in the stands at Richardson Stadium in the 1980s. Nadine Bennett ’86 opined that Lisa Mcneilly ’86 was one person in the stands, a view seconded by Holly Parrish Thomas ’86, and confrrmed by Lisa herself. Holly thought the ’Cat was S— H——, but “I think the ’Cat is M–– N–––,” wrote Missy Terry Fuhrman ’90. “The plaid coat and sunglasses guy is Joe Binns ’91, the sweater vest is Bobby Houck ’87, although the tube socks throw me… although that could just be a fashion error.” Well, there were plenty of those in the ’80s, fer sher.


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