Econ-versations to Go


Assistant Professor Shyam Gouri Suresh has led informal “Econversations” in the Alvarez College Union on Wednesday afternoons since joining the faculty three years ago. “I started it because there wasn’t enough time for general conversation in the classroom,” said Gouri Suresh. “We don’t have an agenda for our small group, and usually end up discussing contemporary economic issues in the news—everything from monetary policy to the immigration debate to the European debt crisis.”

A half-dozen or so students and faculty members usually join the conversation. Gouri Suresh welcomes them all. “They are a self-selected group who are very interested and informed about the issues,” he said. “I can’t say that we’ve come up with solutions for world economic crises, but I can say that the various points of view are very well represented!”
Those students surrounding him during this session were (clockwise) Jaime DyBuncio ’13, Amy Pugh ’13, Andrew Craft ’14, Noah Bricker ’14, and Noah Woodward ’14.

Photo Credit: Bill Giduz


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