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Microbiology by Professor of Biology Dave Wessner, Christine Dupont, and Trevor C. Charles (2013, John Wiley & Sons). “We wrote this book for one simple reason—we have a passion for microbiology.” A textbook of exploration and experimentation based on the three pillars of genetics, physiology, and ecology.


Jesus and the Ways of Socrates: Human-Shaped Education for the Twenty-First Century by William T. Iverson ’49 (2012, CrossBooks). Delves into the similar teaching styles of Socrates and Jesus, and shows how their manner of communication became an indispensable educational tool.

Selected Letters of William Styron (’46), edited by Rose Styron and R. Blakeslee Gilpin (2012, Random House). Letters from the mid-century American literary star and Pulitzer Prize winner.

Pilgrimage into the Last Third of Life: 7 Gateways to Spiritual Growth by Jane Marie Thibault and Richard L. Morgan ’50 (2012, Upper Room Books). Scripture-based lessons and meditations for those aged 60 and beyond.

In the Dark on the Sunny Side: A Memoir of an Out-of-Sight Mathematician by Larry W. Baggett ’60 (2012, Mathematical Association of America). The story of an internationally recognized research mathematician and university professor who, blinded as a child, was mainstreamed in school before mainstreaming was common.

Desperately Seeking Mary by Duncan Newcomer ’65 (2012, Winchester Cottage Print). A man’s discovery of the sacred feminine through past and present interactions with mothers, lovers, teachers, and friends.

Preservation Politics: Keeping Historic Districts Vital (American Association for State and Local History) by Bill Schmickle ’68 (2012, Alta Mira Press American Association for State and Local History). Advice for the established Historic Preservation Commission on how to maintain momentum in their communities.

The Normal Kid
by Elizabeth Holmes ’79 (2012, Lerner Publishing Group). The tale of three exceptional children who are forced to work together to save their favorite teacher at school.

Whistling Dixie by Anderson Scott ’84 (2012, Columbia College Chicago Press). A photographic documentary of Civil War reenactments around the Southern U.S. by Atlanta lawyer Scott.

To Follow in Their Footsteps: The Crusades and Family Memory in the High Middle Ages by Nicholas L. Paul ’99 (2012, Cornell University Press). Paul “reveals the lasting impact of the Crusades, beyond the expeditions themselves, on the formation of dynastic identity and the culture of the medieval European nobility.”

A Lion’s Tale by James Hampton ’01 (2007, James L. Hampton III). “This is the story of a typical adolescent, if there is such a thing, coming of age in the Rebirth Era. His name is Uno and he is a member of the Lion tribe.”

What I Learned at Davidson
: 75 Years of Voices by Allie Coker ’10 (2012, PublishAmerica). “Through personal interviews, alumni and students tell the collective story of Davidson College.”

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