SNAP! Cue Tears…


Nicole,  Jim and Jake Batchelder

Associate Dean of students Kathy Bray stepped to the microphone at the conclusion of Freshman orientation’s picnic for families under the front campus oaks. She recited the light-hearted joke she utters every year at that point of the orientation experience. “to all you parents, there’s a reason we call this the ‘Farewell’ luncheon!”

That’s the not-so-subtle cue for students to report to their next orientation activity and for parents to get in the car and return to whence they came.The awful finality of that parting is often a tearful experience for parents and students alike as they conclude 18 or so years of cohabitation.

In the instant captured by this Snap!, the goodbye was a heart-wrenching moment for Nicole and Jim Batchelder. their firstborn child, Jake, however, appears to be eagerly anticipating his new career as a Wildcat rather than mourning his familial separation.


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