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Will Terry

Alumni From far and wide whose résumés include reference to the name “Will terry” gathered this fall to renew their devotion to that 1954 alumnus who served for decades as college chaplain, pastor of Davidson college Presbyterian church and from 1971 to 1994 as dean of students. the crowd included terry scholars and terry Fellows selected through the years to participate in the unique service and leadership programs that terry inspired. two students are selected each year for the $25,000 terry scholarship, and two juniors and two seniors receive a small stipend and are named terry Fellows. since the program began following terry’s retirement in 1994, he has invited the dozen terry honorees into his home once a month for a homecooked meal, good advice, and on most occasions a guest speaker. About 280 scholars, fellows, and friends attended this 80th birthday celebration for terry, which was the kickoff event to an eff ort to raise $8 million to endow the terry program in perpetuity. Appropriate for the man who called generations of square dances outside on the chambers bricks, the dress code was informal, the music was bluegrass, and the fare was barbecue and beer!

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