Family Album: Tell-Tale Sign


The subjects in last issue’s mystery photo, Pam McClure ’78 and Olivia Ware ’79, were instantly recognizable to many schoolmates, including Emily Powell ’77, Paul Welch ’76, Patricia McMurray Rengel ’78, Sue McAvoy ’77, Jane Childs Carr ’78, Ann Gray Harvey ’78, Mary Gilliam Dresser ’78, Nancy Brown earnest ’78, John Parkerson ’79, and hall counselor Emelia Stuart Stephenson ’76, who furthermore revealed the photo’s location as third Watts, aka “the sty.” A few other callers and e-mailers were partially correct; one was flat wrong.

The call for ID info on his month’s photo could go in several directions: Who are those kids? Or maybe you can name a person in the stands behind the Wildcat. Or who is inside that mascot costume?— Wait, that won’t work, because there’s no way to prove it! in any case, what can you tell us about the Davidsonians in this image of yore?

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