Summer in Motion


Common unity, community, and esprit de corps define a culture of diversity and inclusion.

During the school year, I take a yoga class in Alvarez College Union with students, faculty, and staff. We are a mixed group, yet with a strong esprit de corps in our common unity—our community. One day, we explored the relationship of balance and alignment. Balance implies a stillpoint, our teacher Kelley Gardner noted.

And since we are most often in motion, alignment is crucial. We must learn to hold the stillpoint and be in motion at the same time, or continue to fall over.

Davidson is always in motion. On campus as I write, there are Advanced Placement Summer institute teachers from all over the Southeast, and Gordon Research conference scientists from all over the world. there are athletic campers swarming in front of Sentelle, and middle-school Duke Talent Identification Program students roaming chambers lawn. There’s even a lego camp down the hill. All of this activity unfolds on the heels of one of the biggest, and by many accounts best ever alumni Reunion Weekend in June.

Academic bustle will soar again in late august, when Davidson welcomes one of its most diverse freshman classes ever to help lead us into our 176th academic year. Now more than ever, life at Davidson is built around a diversity of people, ideas, cultures, religions, and orientations. Of course there are rough patches in any “now more than ever” scenario, but many workaday moments sublime, too.

“Diversity and inclusion are a style, not a goal,” one thoughtful individual on campus notes. Indeed. And the commitment here to diversity and inclusion—as a style, as a way of living—that I feel when I put my ear to the ground is strong and growing stronger. It must be so, to meet the world we live in.

Davidson alumni know this as well as anyone on campus, and in some cases better. The broader world offers infinite opportunities, to put it in terms of the yoga class, for finding the stillpoint in balance and alignment. I invite you in the following pages to dip into a decade not your own as a reminder of how many different kinds of people make up our college’s common unity, our community. Happy summer in motion!

—John Syme


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