SNAP! Depth of Field


The ancient, revered practice of stargazing is, for some lucky davidson students, part of the curriculum. in his astronomy course, Associate professor of physics mario Belloni teaches students how to reveal the wonders of the universe by photographing the night sky. “With astrophotography, students can see features of the night sky they can’t with the naked eye,” Belloni explained. “For instance, humans view tightly packed star-clusters as distant fuzz-balls, but sensitive cameras reveal them as hundreds of thousands of individual stars.” Belloni’s students spent a spring night in front of Chambers Building setting up long exposure, digital slR cameras with guiding telescopes. For Belloni, astrophotography allows students to merge art and science while making the process of research less mystifying. in this picture, Ryan Wood ’15 adjusts an instrument while (l-r) Youssef mejri ’15 and Colin schreiner ’15 wait their turns.


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