Hangin’ Out


The Davidson area was afflicted last spring by a several week plague of tiny green cankerworms. They dangled invisibly from trees by sticky threads, snagging rides on whatever passing humans bumped into them. the worms then imperceptibly inched up their host’s clothing, until the victim suddenly felt them on his or her neck and was compelled to the odious task of picking them off. Three clever sophomores—(l-r) Sam Castle, Gabe Perlow, and Graham Bichell—morphed into the pestilent, squirmy vermin for the fifth annual phi Beta Kommons (PBK) costume dinner on the Vail Commons patio. “We hung from the trees using rock-climbing harnesses and rope,” Castle explained. Their presence at the party reminded everyone how glad they were that the infestation was history! The human hangers-on remained suspended for two hours, chatting with admiring diners, and even eating their dinners in midair. PBK has become a well-attended “informal formal” costume party and dinner for students not affiliated with an eating house or fraternity. The dining staff facilitates the occasion by making special desserts, this year serving chilled brownies with homemade whipped cream and chocolate sauce. You have to admit, that was pretty good grub for the grubs!

— Cathryn Westra


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