At the height of an ordinary midday meal in Vail Commons dining hall, music began playing over the typically silent sound system. As diners began to notice, the tunes grew louder, and then 25 apparently lunching students scurried to the front and burst into a well-choreographed dance.

“It was about time Davidson experienced a flash mob!” said mob organizer Dan Van Note ’14 (pictured). “I’d seen dances at other schools on YouTube and thought, Davidson can do that!” As the president of dance ensemble, Van Note organized the flash mob to promote that weekend’s spring show, which included more than 100 student dancers. “I wanted to get people excited and give them a taste of our performance,” Van Note said. though he was nervous to dance in front of his peers, “it turned out great! this flash mob, and dance ensemble in general, is a great way to celebrate dance and to celebrate our time together at Davidson.”


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