Class of 2012


Each year, as part of first-year orientation, Davidson’s newest students come together for a group photo in which they spell out their class year on smith Field in Richardson stadium. soon after, orientation

ends and students disperse, embarking on their own unique college adventures. Though classmates approach their journeys individually, each student is part of a unified whole, and each class has its place in Davidson College history. Here are a few fun facts that, collectively, define the Class of 2012.

  • Number of students who graduated: 449
  • Number of community service hours completed: 104,987.67
  • Students who graduated as Division I athletes: 83
  • Number of students who received aid through The Davidson Trust: 232
  • Number of states represented by the class: 37
  • Students who had an abroad experience while attending davidson: 315 (70%)
  • Students who studied abroad for credit: 269 (59.9%)
  • Laundry washed at the Lula Bell Houston Laundry for the class: 275,000 pounds
  • Chicken parm consumed by the class: approximately 10,680 pieces (that’s 2,670 pounds of chicken and 102.5 gallons of marinara sauce)
  • Countries represented: 14 (the Bahamas, Colombia, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Japan, Kenya, Nigeria, China, South Korea, Scotland, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and Zimbabwe)
  • Countries visited by students with Dean Rusk Travel Grants: 38 (including Syria, Zambia, Russia, France, Morocco, Honduras, the Philippines, and Ukraine)

Photo Credit: Bill Giduz


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