Introducing: Aric Reviere ’15


Aric Reviere ’15 arrived at Davidson full of fire for community engagement. Back in Spartanburg, S.C., he had participated in a Mayor’s Service Board that brought together high school students to identify community needs and carry out projects to address them.

It didn’t take Reviere long to develop the idea here. He and several equally civic-minded classmates chartered a new group, Youth Davidson, obtained a Bonner Community Service Grant, received the blessing and backing of Mayor John Woods, and recruited local middle and high school students to join the new Davidson Service Board (DSB).

Reviere and friends are focused on helping the DSB youngsters understand the link between local actions and universal concerns such as air pollution, homelessness, and recycling. He said, “A lot of young volunteers don’t really understand that what they do for a morning on a Habitat build is tied to issues such as prejudice and economic injustice. We want to help them make those connections, and facilitate projects they develop to address those problems right here where they live.”


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