Family Album: Behind the Eight Ball


Davidson College Prersidents Home

Tom Douglas ’59, Sandy Grey ’59, Jean and Tom Poston ’64, Andy Sherrill ’62, and Walter O’Briant ’59 wrote in to identify (mostly correctly) the three laundrybearing sophomores in last issue’s photograph: The three students pictured were class officers Robert Huffaker ’59, John Kuykendall ’59, and Roy Gilbert ’59.

O’Briant cleared up one point: The reason the laundry in question was in baskets instead of bags is that this was gym laundry, not regular laundry. “Old times not forgotten!” O’Briant wrote. Indeed, and thanks to all who wrote!

In this issue, we’re “behind the eight ball.” The College Archives has no date or other information about the giant eight ball once painted onto one of the balls atop the gates given to the college by the Class of 1924, which stood for decades at the driveway beside the president’s home. Anybody? Contact John Syme at or 704-894-2523.


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