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Nick Bader ’14 was happy to get a job with the Grounds Department last summer. Bader is from Madison County, Va., where he says there are “more cows than people,” and he’s always loved being outdoors.

A highlight of the summer was working with gardener Paul Pergiel to inventory the metal tags identifying the common name and the botanical classification of every tree on Davidson’s front campus. The campus is designated a National Arboretum and draws horticulturally inclined visitors from around the region.

From shoveling compost and landscaping flowerbeds to planting trees and stamping tags, Bader gained a lasting appreciation for the effort that goes into making Davidson’s campus both beautiful and edifying. “Somebody had to sweat in this heat just to make it look this nice!” he said. And now he can name nearly any tree on campus without looking at the tag. “I feel like I took a class.”

— John Syme


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