Wherefore art thou, Juliet?

Maggie Birgel ’14

Maggie Birgel ’14

She’s over there sitting against a tree, bathed in sunlight on a warm, leafy fall day doing some non-theatre homework! Maggie Birgel ’14 played the female lead in Davidson’s major fall drama production of Romeo and Juliet, which for six weeks didn’t leave her much time for anything else. A theatre major from Warren, Penn., she and her fellow actors spent three hours every weeknight in rehearsal and four hours on Friday and Sunday afternoons…as well as additional time on their own learning and interpreting the text. Though she acted in some musicals in high school, Birgel had never before appeared in a Shakespeare play, and counted Juliet as her most challenging role. “But challenge is what fuels my determination to succeed in new ways,” she said. Birgel hopes to study abroad next fall, but will definitely be back on the Davidson stage thereafter. As for post-graduate plans, she replied, “No idea. But wherever I end up, I’ll find the closest theatre and set up camp!”


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