Family Album: Know When to Fold ’em


William Richard ” Sandy” Grey ’59, Don Saunders ’62, Tom ’64 and Jean Poston, and Jack McGeachy ’70 all guessed correctly that our last Family Album picture was at a celebratory buff et after the inauguration of President Grier Martin ’32 (1958–68). “That’s him about an inch in and four up from the lower left corner,” wrote McGeachy. “He had been the business manager and treasurer of the college before becoming president,” wrote Jean Poston. “Grier Martin worked for my great uncle James Parks Grey (1885) at Mary Grey Hosiery Mill in Bristol, Tennessee,” recalled Grey. “Ask Lawrence Kimbrough [’63] if that is not his mother-in-law, Mrs. Frontis Johnston, at the far right (with a sweater over her shoulders),” suggests Saunders.

In this issue’s 1957 Quips & Cranks photo, a trio of sophomores use baskets, not bags, to transport their laundry.

Who are they?


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