Air Raid


The Wildcat’s new offensive coordinator, Matt Mumme, played quarterback at Kentucky behind Tim Couch and for his father, head Coach Hal Mumme. After college, Matt Mumme was assistant coach for his father for eight seasons, including last season as offensive coordinator at Division III Mcmurry in Abilene, Texas. McMurry passed for 3,665 yards and 45 touchdowns last season.

Mumme and the Wildcats introduced the Pioneer League to the air Raid offense this season, slinging the ball around and practicing and playing fast. Defenders don’t like to play against the air Raid because it’s relentless and wears them down. and that fast pace meant fans didn’t see the Wildcats huddle on offense. “I don’t even know how to put a huddle together,” said Mumme.

“Basketball on grass” is the way basketball coach Rick Pitino described the air Raid when Hal Mumme coached it at Kentucky. But it wasn’t exactly on grass at Davidson. This past spring, Richardson Stadium was surfaced with artificial turf, allowing it to be used for football and lacrosse practice and games and recreational use in the evening, exponentially increasing the active use of the field.

—John Kilgo


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