Introducing: Brenton Goodman ’12


Brent Goodman

Varsity punter Brenton Goodman missed spring practice this year for a semester abroad in Tel Aviv. “As a Jewish American,” he writes, “I decided to study here to learn about the faith that shaped many of my beliefs. This young city was created in 1909 when 66 Jewish families—mainly Ashkenazi Jews from Eastern Europe—parceled out land by drawing seashells. It began as a suburb of the ancient city of Jaffa (above), now home to many Arab Israelis. Citizens of these cities have seen suicide bombings and faced prejudice. With constant reminders of the world and its difficulties looming over their heads, inhabitants of Israel and its surrounding areas have figured out something most Americans have yet to realize: we must live in the moment. They refuse to be confined by the prospects of the future, no matter how dim they may seem, or constrained by the ideas and actions of the past. If asked what aspect of my trip influenced me the most, I would say, living among Israelis and realizing how to appreciate every second, squeezing all I can out of it, never missing a moment.”

Photo: Duby Tal


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