Fall 2010 Davidson Journal Cover

Fall 2010 Davidson Journal

I liked the fall Davidson Journal, with one nit to pick. The article on the VPI game reports that a bunch of the players “went up to Hattie’s in Mooresville” to drink “quarter-a-bottle Buds.” Actually, Hattie’s was nowhere near Mooresville, but was less than a mile above the Davidson town line. Also, it is my recollection that the Buds cost 30 cents each, which is why Blue Ribbon was so popular. At a quarter apiece, one dollar got you four Blue Ribbons, but only three Buds.

Rick Lowery ’63
Arlington, Va.

I read the piece on the freshmen’s first Humanities lecture with a warm feeling of nostalgia. In fall 1964, I was in the Dome Room for my first Humanities lecture. I remember both excitement and the feeling that I was in over my head. And I remember the anonymous cry of anguish that issued from a freshman dorm the night before our first theme was due —“Gilgamesh sucks!” Humanities was a grueling struggle, but for me it has yielded a lifetime of benefits. Because I took Humanities, I get Bennett Marco’s comment in Richard Condon’s Manchurian Candidate, that “listening to Raymond Shaw talk about his mother is like listening to Orestes bitching about Clytemnestra.” I found Woody Allen’s Mighty Aphrodite doubly hilarious for its use of a Greek chorus. Humanities provided me with a framework that has enabled me to separate the truth from the B.S. I had many great classes at Davidson, but I regard Humanities as the real heart of my education. So my advice to the Class of 2014—persevere. You will find it worthwhile for the rest of your life.

Philip Jones ’68
Reston, Va.

Thanks so much for your fascinating, superbly written piece in the recent Davidson Journal about first-generation college students. I learned so much about so many people, including several friends on the faculty. It’s probably the finest piece I’ve ever read in the DJ—congratulations!

Ralph Levering
Professor of History
Davidson, N.C.


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