Family Album: When The Roll is Called Up Yonder


Chapel was a mainstay of Davidson campus life of yore, just as sundry faith expressions fill the student body and spirit today. In 1956, a young preacher named Billy Graham packed the house at a vespers. A typewritten note in a church bulletin reports, “The service was dignified and effective and Dr. Graham is very earnest and handsome. Doesn’t look at all like the hill-billy he professes to be. We’ve had better sermons at Davidson but none more effectively delivered.” At regular weekday chapel services during common hour, attendance was duly noted by the likes of the chap pictured here. Mystery question: Who is he? We don’t know. Really. Swear on a stack of Bibles. Do you? Contact John Syme ’85 at 704-894- 2523 or

Last issue’s question about the provenance of largesse toward the 1979 College Bowl champs netted no news. One for the mystery file.


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