The ’Cat’s Out of the Bag


There’s a new ’Cat in town. Sure, we all loved the old Wildcat—but he’d been around since 1994, and he wasn’t the easiest fellow to work with: his fine lines were difficult to reproduce, and that led to inconsistency. So after a year of design and testing, the college this fall introduced new spirit marks—a new Wildcat, a new “D,” a paw print, and youthmark—to be used on sports uniforms, T-shirts, and other material. The process involved coaches, student athletes, alumni, fans, and staff—and it started with a branding statement developed to ensure that the marks reflected Davidson’s values of honor, integrity, accountability, responsibility, leadership, and excellence. After testing dozens of options, “we found that our students, alumni, and fans really had an affinity for and identified with our old logo,” said Athletic Director Jim Murphy ’78, referring to the 1994 ’Cat. So the new marks are evolutionary; they take the best of the old ’Cat and make him more modern. “I’m thrilled with the look of our new spirit marks,” said men’s basketball coach Bob McKillop. “They are clean, crisp, bright and exciting, and they hold true to the identity of Davidson.”

—Stacey Schmeidel



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