Family Album: Show Them the Money


Soon after receiving this loving cup in Miami, Davidson’s national 1979 College Bowl champs—(l-r) Tom Ruby ’79, James Gibert ’79, the late Professor of English Charles Lloyd, Sheri Gravett ’81, Tim Newcomb ’81, and Ed Trumbull ’81—attended a posh club luncheon with congratulatory Charlotte alumni. Someone there slipped an envelope holding crisp C-notes to the team at the elevators. It happened so fast, they didn’t know whom to thank, says Gibert (who nonetheless managed to buy a swell camera with his cut). But it’s never too late to say thank you—do you know who made this bighearted gift?

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Eleven readers wrote to help solve last issue’s mystery picture, “Vanished into Thin Air?” For those letters and more pictures, visit the Letters, Family Album.


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