After you’ve checked out the short films made by young Mark Jeevaratnam ’10 on YouTube, and looked at the photographs of Presence Is Progress, it’s time to move on to something from the college family bookshelf. You can hear a world-premiere cantata or watch a lively conversation between former Davidson roommates—who don’t agree on much! There’s poetry, essays on video games, or a treatise on Umberto Eco—we’ve got it all.

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Music in the Horror Film: Listening to Fear, edited by Associate Professor of Music Neil Lerner (2010, Routledge Music and Screen Media Series). A collection of essays that examine the ability of music to provoke or intensify fear in the horror genre, “leading with the ear to see horror films with fresh eyes.”

Tunisia: Stability and Reform in the Modern Maghreb, by Associate Dean for International Programs Christopher Alexander (2010, Routledge). An overview of Tunisia’s political and economic development from the mid-19th century to present, written for a non-specialist audience.

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Jesus’ Radical Message: Subversive Sermons for Today’s Seekers by Z. Holler ’49 (2010, Wipf & Stock Publishers). A collection of essays about what the author calls “God’s prescription for what ails us, in the astonishingly gracious life and challenging message of Jesus of Nazareth.”

Diagnostic Pathology of the Intestinal Mucosa: An Atlas and Review of Biopsy Interpretation by William O. Dobbins III ’54 (1990, Springer- Verlag). A comprehensive overview of intestinal mucosal structure as defined through peroral or endoscopic biopsy specimens.

Empirical Tradition in American Liberal Religious Thought, 1860–1960 by W. Creighton Peden III ’57 (2009, Peter Lang Publishing). An examination of the thought of participants in the Free Religious Association of 1867 on free religion, scientific method, and evolution; and the empirical tradition as expressed by the Chicago School in American liberal religious thought.

Katyń: Stalin’s Massacre and the Triumph of Truth by M. Allen Paul III ’61 (2010, Northern Illinois University Press). A narrative of the daily life of three Polish families amid momentous events of World War II. The patriarch of each family was among the officers personally ordered by Stalin to be shot at Katy´n Forest.

The Victory Album: Reflections on the Good Life after the Good War by Philip D. Beidler ’66 (2010, University of Alabama Press). In essays that are combinations of personal remembrance and broad-stroke cultural memory, Beidler addresses the Holocaust in the American consciousness, a rising in China, McCarthyism, smoking, drinking, cars, and film idols.

Charms and Knots (2009) and Formal Folk: A Platonic Parody (2010) by Harold A. Lloyd ’81 (selfpublished). Poetry by Greensboro attorney Lloyd.

New Essays on Umberto Eco (2009, Cambridge University Press) and Italian Cinema: From the Silent Era to the Present (2009, Continuum International Publishing Group) by Peter Bondanella ’66.

Choosing Equality: Essays and Narratives on the Desegregation Experience by Robert L. Hayman, Jr. ’78 (author, editor), Leland Ware (editor); (2009, Pennsylvania State University Press). Reminiscences and essays focused on Delaware’s segregation and desegregation, as well as broader meanings of Brown v. Board of Education.

Making Transcendents: Ascetics and Social Memory in Early Medieval China (2009, University of Hawai’i Press) and To Live as Long as Heaven and Earth: A Translation and Study of Ge Hong’s Traditions of Divine Transcendents (2002, University of California Press) by Robert Campany ’81.

Pregnant with Hope: Good News for Infertile Couples by Susan Kann Radulovacki ’84 (2010, Servant’s Heart Books). A Christian view of the challenges of the infertile couple.

Halos and Avatars: Playing Video Games with God, edited by Craig Detweiler ’85 (2010, Westminster John Knox Press). A collection of essays on video  games’ theological themes, for gamers, parents, pastors, media scholars, and theologians.

A Purple State of Mind—DVD by Craig Detweiler ’85 and John Marks ’85; book by Detweiler (2008, Harvest House Publishers). A bull session between former Davidson roommates on different sides of religious questions becomes a story about how people change, grow, and deal with the big stuff: death, sex, the meaning of life, and God.

Mason-Dixon Knitting, The Curious Knitters’ Guide: Stories, Patterns, Advice, Opinions, Questions, Answers, Jokes, and Pictures and Mason- Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines: Patterns, Stories, Pictures, True Confessions, Tricky Bits, Whole New Worlds, and Familiar Ones, Too by Ann Meador Shayne ’85 and Kay Gardiner (both 2008, Potter Craft).

Alessandro Scarlatti: Euridice dall’Inferno (Audio CD, 2009, Naxos) by Ars Lyrica Houston with Melissa “Meg” Givens ’89. Includes the world premiere recordings of a solo soprano cantata and a newly discovered oratorio.

The Life of Prayer: Mind, Body, and Soul by Allan Cole ’90 (2009, Westminster John Knox).

With God on All Sides: Leadership in a Devout and Diverse America by Doug Hicks ’90 (2009, University Press).

The Gifts of the Small Church by Jason Byassee ’96 (2010, Abingdon Press). Celebrating the gifts and graces (without ignoring the challenges and problems) of the small-membership church, by the director of the Center for Theology, Writing, and the Media at Duke University Divinity School.

City at the Cusp: How the culture of plenty demolished the American economy and how we can rebuild anew by J. Allison Brown ’99 (2009, An examination of the “culture of plenty” and its part in current economic turmoil.

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