Letters: Spring 2010


Getting the Davidson Journal takes me back. The colorful pictures of students and campus locales give the newsy articles an immediacy that transports me back in memory to my own days as a student. Some of us grew up there, made lifelong friends, and inherited a body of values that informs us to this day. We were encouraged in our intellectual and creative energies by our professors, and we found our own ways to express with each other the turmoil and exuberance of the Davidson experience. What has remained with me most, and what comes back to me most strongly, is the sense of community that we became part of. That little pocket of belonging seems rare out here, and makes Davidson’s community that much more special. Keep that Journal coming—I like to visit with yew all.

Bruce Plourde ’87
Cape May, N. J.

John S. Syme ’85 wrote a great story on his trip to visit with alums [Davidson Journal, Fall 2009], driving his 40-year-old Comet. I sure do remember those cars. Anyway, I wish to comment on the cover picture, which included the instrument panel of the Comet and the leather-wrapped steering wheel and all that. The speedometer needle rests calmly on the 80-mile-an-hour mark. It was not so much driving at that speed that could have caused John a problem in his old buggy, but stopping it! Let us sing a chorus of “O Davidson, We Will Down Them!,” while praying that John maintains a dignified 60 mph in the future. Perhaps it was Sam Maloney or Charlie Lloyd who reminded me that we must not tempt Providence. Or was that George Labban, who passed me in Greek out of the goodness of his heart?

Lawton Posey ’57
Charleston, W.Va.

I love celebrating the accomplishments of our alumni through the stories in the Journal. I wonder if there is a way to highlight the less high-profile lives of leadership and service that our classmates live. I would enjoy hearing more about the fulfilling, balanced, happy, and healthy lives of the “average” alum. I expect we’ll find that, like Lake Wobegone, all of the kids (young and old) are above average—no matter what shape that may take! Thanks for all you do to keep us up to speed on alma mater!

Sara Romeis Leonard ’03
Amherst, Mass

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